TOP SECRET: Italian Stuffed Bread

FullSizeRenderOkay okay, I am revealing my secret recipe to my family’s favorite stuffed Italian bread that I make for every occasion. As soon as it’s out of the oven people are at the stove like vultures digging into it. It’s rare that the bread even makes it to the table, let alone a plate. Funny thing is, it is actually really simple to make. I always make sure to make a few loaves for everyone to eat and also take home because if I don’t you have an Italian family arguing and anyone who is Italian knows that never ends well.

I have adopted this recipe from my mom, who has adopted it from my grandfather. Anytime my mom would make it, the whole neighborhood would get a loaf, and no I’m not making it up. It’s that good. We have a few nick names for it like “poor mans b

read” and “Italian garbage bread” because excuse my language but in the words of my grandfather “Its a bunch of sh*t thrown into dough and it taste good” (heavy Italian accent here). So I’ve just called it an Italian stuffed bread to make it sound appealing. and hey everyone’s gotta make it their own right?

Now you’re probably thinking like okay what is in this bread that makes it so good. Honestly, I ask myself that EVERY TIME I make it.  Go to your local grocery store and head over to the deli counter.

Here comes the secret, ask for 6 packages of meat and cheese ends. YEAH I SAID IT. Meat and cheese ends from your local deli, that’s it. There’s the secret. Bet you didn’t expect that right? Yeah, me either. They are so much cheaper than buying cold cuts sliced. It costs anywhere from $1-$3 per pack(this is where the poor man’s bread nick name comes from) I usually try and ask for Italian meat ends, but occasionally you’ll get some turkey in there or something. THIS IS OKAY I promise.

Okay so you got your meat and cheese ends, now you need dough, and garlic, lots of garlic and Italian seasoning. Get a ball of dough or 2 or if you’re me 4-5 because that’s how many I usually make. I usually go to a local pizzeria and ask for balls of dough (yes, they will look at you funny when you ask for their pizza dough). You could also get it at the grocery store, but for some reason the one by my apartment never has it and I couldn’t tell you why.


  • Okay you’re home, you have your ingredients right? Now what? Well preheat that oven of yours to 400 degrees.
  • Its about to get messy my friends so you may wanna throw on an apron or if you’re like me an old t shirt will do just fine.
  • Chop up your meat and cheeses on a cutting board and toss it into a bowl a really big bowl I might add. Make sure you just mix it around so the meat and cheese ends are mixed evenly to get a little bit of cheese and meat in every bite.
  • Take out some flour, sprinkle it all over the surface you’re going to roll your dough on, and the dough, and the rolling pin. Roll it out, doesn’t have to be perfect, just flat with no bubbles I repeat, NO BUBBLES.
  • Grease a baking sheet, and lay out your dough, fill er’ up with all that meat and cheese goodness. Fold it over the filling and close it, then take your knife and cut three holes in the bread, don’t ask me why I do this, just do it( Shia LaBeouf voice).
  • Okay so the final touch is about to happen, take some butter, I would say about a tablespoon or two, and mix your Italian seasoning mix and garlic into the butter (I use fresh garlic) and melt it in the microwave. Now time to paint! brush the buttery garlic mixture over the bread and bake for about 30-40 mins. I know it’s done when the bread is golden brown and the cheese is oozing through the top. Cut it up and enjoy it before it’s gone! Mangia Mangia! 




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